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Core Knitter (KM Series)

This model is a versatile high speed core knitting machine. It has been designed to knit fine wires around a core which can be of solid mesh, neoprene, tubular rubber hose, ceramic rope and others. It will also knit a flattened finished mesh without a core.

Products include high temperature seals, RFI/EMI screening seals and screened coaxial cables.

The machine can be supplied with interchangeable heads up to 3" (75mm) diameter.

The machine will accommodate wire from 0.05mm diameter to 0.11mm diameter from bobbins up to DIN 125.

Core diameter from 3mm to 32mm can be accommodated.

The machine has a revolving cambox with two (2) feeds. Over 40mm diameter extra feeds are available.

A die can be supplied as an option to shape or finish size the product.


A take-off and spool winding mechanism sensitive enough to wind 0.05mm diameter knitted wire over soft foam plastic without deformation and yet powerful enough to draw 0.11mm diameter wire knitted over ceramic rope through a die is fitted as standard.

An AC inverter drive system gives full control of running speed, acceleration, braking and crawl speed. The takedown mechanism is infinitely variable over the knitting range. It may be adjusted whilst the machine is running.

Stop motions are provided for the protection of the machine and to minimise wastage. These include wire, needles, core and knot detectors.

The machine is equipped with a pre-determined fabric length counter accurate to 0.05 metres.

The machine is fully guarded with 10mm polycarbonate doors fitted with approved magnetic safety switches to EC standards.

An optional twin roller system is available for the production of asymmetrical section products.

A gravity feed oiler and used oil collection container are provided.

A power supply of 200/240 volts, single phase, 50/60 Hz is required.


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