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Detectors & Stop Motion Devices

Throughout the entire range of Tritex circular knitting machines, there are standard and optional detectors and stop motion devices. Depending on the model, it can be equipped in many ways to ensure the machine will stop upon any error occurrences.


Top Detector
Should a yarn run out, or the tension from the yarn package become excessive, the device trips, the machine is stopped and the light will illuminate. These are usually positioned on the top of the creel to ensure the machine will stop before the fabric passes through the feeder. These detectors are available for fabric machines only.
Needle Detector
Needle detectors are set up around the cylinder in two ways; firstly to detect a broken needle butt and, secondly, to detect closed latches that may occur during fabric & mesh faults. They can also be wired to a lamp which will illuminate when a fault transpires. Needle detectors are available to use on both fabric and wire machines.
Heavy Duty Needle Detector
As above except for wire machines only. These are stronger than the standard needle detectors making them ideal to detect mesh load ups using larger gauge wire whilst providing more resistance against damage of the unit.
Wire Run Detector
These operate by sensing the movement of the wire. If a wire breakage occurs before the detector then the machine will stop. If the wire breaks after the unit then the machine will stop providing the wire drops through the sensing hole. The detector is placed as close to the bobbin as possible to help prevent a press-off incident.
Broken Hook Detector
These detectors count needles and hooks in parity which detects the occurrence of a broken hook on a needle. When a fault is found, the machine will stop. These detectors are generally used on wire machines where needle hooks are more prone to breakage from immense pressure of wire mesh takedown.
Press-off Detector
Press-off detectors are used in fabric machines where a yarn can press-off and burst a hole in the fabric. A plate is sprung against the fabric and detects holes within the fabric if it comes into contact with the machine cylinder. This stops the machine enabling the operator to rectify the problem before a total press-off occurs.
In-line Detector
The purpose of the in-line detector is to detect when the yarn has either broken at the bobbin or when the bobbin runs out of yarn. The pre-tension can be adjusted to suit the yarn/wire or the quality of the knitted fabric/mesh by meads of the knurled knob. These are suited for both fabric and wire knitting machines.
Wire Snatch & Tension Detector
This operates by detecting an increase in the tension of the wire from the package. Once the wire tension required to stop the machine has exceeded, the pulley will move and break the circuit causing the machine to stop. The detector is adjustable to suit the tension of the wire bobbin required to stop the machine.
Flying Fabric & Roll Size Detector
Used on rotating cylinder machines where the takedown rolls up the knitted fabric. If the roll somehow manages to unravel itself then the flying fabric has a chance of hitting this detector causing the machine to stop before it can get wrapped around and damage the machine. This detector can also be a back-up for both fabric and wire machines where if the preset counter fails or is incorrectly set and the roll continues to grow to a size larger than the inside of the machine, it will trip the detector and stop the machine.

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