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Meat Netting (MW Series)

A designated warp/weft knitting machine, manufactured to a precise specification to provide high speed production of tubular netting with elasticated spiral weft, for the packaging of meats, utilising cotton or polyester yarns with covered elastic.

The models range in sizes of 76.5mm diameter up to 36 needles, 110mm diameter up to 48 needles and 150mm diameter up to 60 needles.


bulletDiameter of netting from 2" (50mm) to 8" (203mm) wide, laid flat in relaxed condition. Pitch of netting controlled by the number of stitches between the weft, either 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 as required, and the size of loop knitted, e.g. with 5 stitches between weft pitch it can be adjusted from 0.438" (11mm) to 0.625" (l6mm)
bulletNumber of warps (knitted vertical chains) 14 to 60 dependant on the cut of the cylinder and feeder head
bulletSpeed of machine is infinitely variable up to 250 rpm
bulletTakedown provides a tightly wound roll of fabric up to 18" (457mm) diameter

bulletMulti function digital display providing machine rpm, pre-determined counter and shift counter (up to 4 shifts) and pre-determined roll size trip
bulletEasy reach start and stop buttons
bulletHand racking
bulletStop motions for warp yarns, elastic yarn, empty elastic bobbins and broken needles
bulletNon-carcinogenic rollers


bulletSingle side creel 1 x 48 ends
bulletDouble side creels 2 x 48 ends (creels include clip-on yarn guides and barrel tensions)
bulletTop detectors
bulletPositive feed for mono-filament yarns
bulletNon-standard complete knit-head comprising cylinder, feeder head, feeder and cambox
bulletTwin rubber feed
bulletLocking rubber feed


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