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Single Jersey - Small (TX100/1 & TX150/1 Series)

High speed production machines with interchangeable heads within each frame size for additional versatility. The machines are precision engineered to high quality standards and can be supplied for fabric structures such as single jersey, terry, elastomeric inlay, lacoste, mock rib and many others. The machines produce fabrics for bandages, boot linings, geo-textile applications, waste management, land drainage filters, print roll coverings and many other technical fabric applications.


bulletTX100 without sinkers - 3/8" (9mm) diameter to 6" (l50mm) diameter
bulletTX101 with sinkers - 2" (50mm) diameter to 6" (150mm) diameter
bulletTX150 without sinkers - 6" (150mm) diameter to 13" (330mm) diameter
bulletTX151 with sinkers - 6" (l50mm) diameter to 13" (330mm) diameter



bulletRevolving cylinder
bulletGauge up to 28 N.P.I.
bulletFeeds up to 3 per diametric inch
bulletSpeed factor up to 1500 c.p.m. dependant on yarn quality and fabric configuration
bulletEasy cam angles for high speed quality production and reduced needle wear over a wide range of fabrics
bulletHigh tensile toothed belt drive (no lubrication required) designed for high speed, smooth quiet running

bulletPositively gear driven takedown for consistent quality fabrics
bulletEasy reach start, stop and emergency stop buttons
bulletHand racking
bulletInfinitely variable speed electronic drive with soft start and dynamic braking
bulletExcellent fabric visibility through clear safety guards
bulletElectric top stop motion
bulletNeedle detectors
bulletFabric detectors
bulletRoll size detector
bulletSafety door switch
bulletAutomatic lubrication
bulletMulti functional digital display providing machine rpm, current roll size and a shift counter (up to 4 shifts) and pre-determined roll size trip
bulletInternal inspection lamp


bulletMagazine side creel
bulletFabric collecting drum
bulletPositive feed up to 9" (225mm) diameter; 1, 2 or 3 rate
bulletElastomeric yarn feed
bulletMulti track camming (2, 3 or 4 track)
bulletComputerised contour shaping system
bulletVerge area lint blowing system
bulletSingle fan lint blowing system
bulletLarge frame (to enable 27" (686mm) diameter roll size)
bulletFour finger striper with trimming system


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